If you can’t avoid it…enjoy it

So as much as I wish I could mature without actually aging its just not going to happen. AB has a saying which I can’t repeat verbatim but its along the lines of if you can’t avoid an occurrence you should quit stressing and sit back to enjoy it.

The previously dreaded 3-0 is now 25 days away. On the precipice there’s been a thought: How do I celebrate a decade which has brought about so many changes in me..so much so that the person who started off this decade is some 75% different from the person ending it?

Thinking along those lines was not getting me an answer so I decided to shift my focus. I truly think I would not be the person I am without those early experiences to find out what fits me best now. Hence this year for the 10 days before my birthday I am going to do 10 things which marked my early 20s for me, e.g. my adventurure seeking side which bungee jumped, went snow-boarding etc.

I had a lovely dinner and brainstorming session with a good friend on Friday and we settled on 4 of those items…now I just have to figure out the remaining 6..and as I type this post number 5 has just come to me. I will probably catalogue some of these 10 things but some may be just a little too private to share..but stay tuned.

As I spend Monday in recovery mode at home and realise how much more fun work is I hope everyone has a good week 🙂


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